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Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pump

A heat pump is an ideal energy-efficient heating and cooling system designed to provide year round comfort in your home. In the winter, the heat pump provides warm, comfortable heat. In the summer, it becomes a central air conditioner, automatically extracting heat from inside your home and pumping it outdoors.

A heat pump's outdoor unit contains the compressor and a heat exchanger, called a coil. The indoor unit contains another coil, a fan that blows air through the ductwork, grill and electric heating element. The outdoor and indoor units are connected to copper tubes that move a gas refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. This refrigerant has the ability to absorb heat from the air, even at very low temperatures.

In the winter, the outdoor coils heat from the indoor air. The gas refrigerant carries the heat to the indoor unit. Circulating indoor air picks up the heat and carries it throughout the home.

In the summer, the heat pump simply reverses the flow of refrigerant. The indoor coil extracts heat from the home's air. The gas refrigerant carries the heat to the outdoor unit. The outdoor coil transfers the heat outdoors.

Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heating and cooling system, or ductless heat pump, is a great solution for inefficient and uncomfortable baseboard, ceiling cable and wall heaters and can reduce the cost of heating a home by up to 50 percent.

Installation is easy and does not require expensive and invasive ductwork. A ductless system can provide comfortable temperatures to a home year-round.


The heat pump or ductless system must meet ENERGY STAR requirements at the time of the installation. Documentation that the equipment is ENERGY STAR rated must be supplied to the cooperative before the equipment is installed. A member must notify the cooperative after the installation is complete and schedule an inspection by the cooperative's energy services advisor.


  • $400 rebate per condenser for a new whole-home air source heat pump or mini-split ductless heat pump system
  • Member must participate in the cooperative's Cool Returns air conditioning load control program. Member will receive a one-time $100 credit off their electric bill for the installation of the summer air conditioning load control switch. Then beginning two years after the installation, the member will receive a $6 credit off their bill for the months of June, July, August and September. The switch, when activated, will automatically cycle the compressor off for 8 to 12 minutes every 30 minutes during summer peak demand.

Heat pump brochure

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