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Ohio Cooperative Living Magazine

Each month, North Central Electric communicates with its members through the award-winning Ohio Cooperative Living magazine. Ohio Cooperative Living magazine is Ohio's largest circulated monthly rural magazine. The master section of the magazine is produced by our statewide organization, Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, while the center pages are devoted exclusively to North Central Electric news and information. The center pages act as the cooperative's official newsletter and are a great source of news concerning North Central Electric. 
Your opportunity to help us communicate why Ohio Cooperative Living is awesome!
The local pages in your Ohio Cooperative Living Magazine play a huge role in the way North Central Electric communicates with our members, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to engage our members in contributing content!  If you’re an NCE member, and you have a story you would like to share with the cooperative, please reach out to us! We will accept article submissions, as well as suggestions, on people or businesses served by NCE who are doing something special. Charity work, outreach programs, unique hobbies, and anything else you may consider worthy of a feature in the local pages will be considered.
Send submissions to, or call the cooperative at 1-800-426-3072.


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