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People Fund detects a need

Funding granted to Kansas Fire Department and St. John’s Church

The North Central Electric Cooperative People Fund board came to the aid of the Kansas Volunteer Fire Department that serves Seneca and Sandusky counties. 

Brad’s Woodworks remains solid after 22 years

Brad’s Woodworks in Venice Township near Attica is exactly what you would imagine a woodshop to be — large workbenches, a wall filled with every tool you could imagine, and the sweet smell of sawdust in the air. There are even two dogs that are eager to greet visitors at the door. It’s all part of the charm Brad Niedermier has incorporated into his business since 1996.  

How to become a trustee

Trustee nominating petitions now available 

Nominating petitions for three district seats on the North Central Electric Cooperative Board are now available at the cooperative’s office in Attica. 

Cooperative members interested in a seat will need to secure at least 25 signatures from members residing in their district, similar to the process that township trustees and school board members must follow.  

North Central Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees is refunding over $700,000 in patronage capital credits

For the 38th consecutive year, the North Central Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees is refunding over $700,000 in patronage capital credits to more than 12,500 current and former members. Most members will see the “Capital Credits Refund” as a credit on their
monthly electric bill. If your refund exceeds $100, a check will be mailed later this month.

$20 MILLION, NCE reaches a milestone in refunds

Since 1980, more than $20.4 million in capital has been returned to members. About 12,500 North Central Electric current and former members will receive their patronage capital credits refunds on their December bills. A refund totaling $715,947 was approved by the board.   

Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1

The North Central Electric Board of Trustees revised the cooperative’s rate schedules at its October meeting, approving a $2 per month increase in the basic service charge for residential members. 

Cooperative names new general manager

North Central Electric (NCE) has selected the CEO of a southern Illinois electric cooperative to be its sixth general manager in the cooperative’s 83-year history. 

North Central Electric and Fostoria to clear final industrial park parcel

North Central Electric Cooperative is providing funding for the Fostoria Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) to clear trees from a wooded four-acre parcel in the city’s industrial park, in hopes the land can be developed for another manufacturing facility. 
With a Site and Community Assistance matching grant from Buckeye Power, North Central’s wholesale power supplier, the cooperative will pay FEDC $10,410 to clear the parcel so the property can be developed.  


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