The return of patronage capital credits is just one of the many ways that electric cooperatives are set apart from other utility providers. One of the seven cooperative principles is the operate on a not-for-profit basis by returning any net savings to members on the basis of patronage.

Refunding of patronage capital credits is usually reviewed and authorized by the North Central Electric Board of Directors at their November meeting. If a refund is authorized, refunds will then be issued to current and former eligible members in December.

What are patronage capital credits?

Revenue generated throughout the year is used to cover the cooperative's cost of power, loans, new and existing services, maintaining existing lines and other cost associated with the distribution of power and maintenance service. Any money left over at the end of the year is considered margins. These margins are allocated and credited to each member as patronage capital credits and based upon their purchases, or patronage, with the cooperative.

How are patronage capital credits returned?

The cooperative retains margins to provide working capital for new construction, equipment and system improvements. For each year the cooperative retains margins, money is allocated to the member. After considering the cooperatives financial condition, the nine member board of directors sets the amount of the refund. Typically, the amount of the members patronage capital credit allocation will gradually increase each year based on how long the member has been with North Central Electric and how much electricity they consume.

Any patronage capital credit refund to a current member of $99.99 or less will appear as a credit on the member's December electric bill. Members receiving refunds of $100 or greater will continue to receive a check in the mail in December. 

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Patronage Capital Credit Refunds

Pre-2010 $14,127,258

2010 $746,423

2011 $707,530

2012 $578,667

2013 $725,119

2014 $689,373

2015 $693,150

2016 $891,446

2017 $599,174

2018 $715,947

2019 $826,204

2020 $1,121,892

2021 $1,068,416

2022 $1,105,458

2023 $982,683

Total $25,578,767