Each month, North Central Electric communicates with its members through the Ohio Cooperative Living (formerly Country Living) magazine. The magazine is Ohio's largest circulated monthly rural magazine. The master section of the magazine is produced by our statewide organization, Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, while the center pages are devoted exclusively to North Central Electric news and information. The center pages act as the cooperative's official newsletter and are a great source of news concerning North Central Electric.

May 2024

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Questions from the membership
  • North Central Electric board director race uncontested
  • 2024 Annual Meeting announcement
  • 2024 Scholarships
  • The price of power
  • A community slam dunk: NCE employees take part in annual celebrity basketball game

April 2024

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Shining a light on lineworkers
  • Lineworkers: The people behind your power
  • 2024 Member Appreciation Day information
  • NCE People Fund: 25 years of giving back
  • Energy Tip: HVAC maintenance 
  • February board meeting highlights

March 2024

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Reliability vs. Resiliency 
  • Maintaining Reliability
  • People Fund - January meeting updates
  • E3 Smart Program: Empowering tomorrow's leaders through early energy education
  • Energy Tip: The importance of air sealing
  • January board meeting highlights

February 2024

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Nurturing excellence at North Central Electric Cooperative
  • NCE employees graduate from Leadership Edge program
  • Why do basic service charge increases happen?
  • You can be a board director
  • How AI is changing agriculture
  • Scholarship & Youth Tour
  • North Central Electric Cooperative employees spread holiday cheer with "Toys for Tots" donation
  • December board meeting highlights

January 2024

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Winter 2023-2024 resilience
  • Basic service charge and kWh rate adjustment on February bill
  • You can be a board director: NCE director nomination petitions available
  • No One Fights Alone receives grant from NCE People Fund
  • America's Electric Cooperatives | PAC
  • Youth Tour 2024
  • 2024 Scholarships
  • November board meeting highlights 

December 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Tracking the Rise 
  • Rewards for co-op members: Capital credits at North Central Electric 
  • 2024 rate adjustment notice
  • October board meeting highlights
  • Youth Tour 2024
  • 2024 Scholarships
  • Andrew Ruffing named Chief Administrative Officer

November 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Holiday Season: Watt's your plan?
  • Sweet delights: Handshoe Cakes and Cookies in Republic, Ohio
  • Local fire department receives upgraded equipment through People Fund | Meter tampering is illegal and unsafe
  • September board meeting highlights 
  • Sparking safety awareness: North Central Electric Cooperative's live line safety demonstration trailer

October 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Celebrating National Co-op Month
  • Powering Agriculture
  • Medical certification | Beware of scame
  • Unveiling comfort: A member's journey to energy efficiency and relief
  • Ford F-150 Lightning long haul trip
  • August board meeting highlights 
  • Dryer vent safety and efficiency

September 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Maintaining Reliability 
  • Driving an all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning in rural America
  • EV charging safety tips
  • June board meeting highlights 
  • Celebrating our members: An extraordinary Member Appreciation Day at Cedar Point
  • Blackouts: What you need to know
  • July board meeting highlights
  • Winter time-of-day rate takes effect Sept. 16

August 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Energy policy threatens electric reliability
  • 87th Annual Meeting Recap
  • Cooperative "Power": Coming to the aid of a sister co-op
  • Capital credits reallocation notice
  • Safety is the top priority - pole top training 

July 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: NCE is Your Trusted Solar Partner 
  • Energy-saving rebates
  • NCE sends two students to Washington D.C, for Youth Tour
  • Lightning and sporting events 
  • Connecting students with safety
  • NCE People Fund donates $53,934 to 21 local organizations 
  • NCE wins national award for best annual report to members
  • May board meeting highlights 

June 2023

  • 2022 Annual Report 
  • April 2023 board meeting highlights

May 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Electrical Safety Month
  • 2023 NCE Code Changes and Issues
  • Cooperative awards $11,000 in scholarships
  • Save the date: NCE annual meeting | Member appreciation day reminder
  • Our crews are working to serve you
  • The green energy machine
  • Cooperative rebates: water heaters
  • ACSI survey
  • Reap what you sow: Stay safe during planting season
  • Summer time-of-day rate | Medical certification 
  • Cool returns program
  • March board meeting highlights

April 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: NCE Code Changes: What You Need to Know
  • 2023 NCE Code Changes and Issues 
  • Trustees run unopposed for 2023
  • Lineworker Appreciation Day
  • 2023 Member Appreciation Day
  • 2022 Annual Outage Summary
  • Bucyrus Backpack Program 
  • Febraruy board meeting highlights 

March 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Democratic Member Control
  • New People Fund board members
  • How electricity reaches you | Statement of nondiscrimination
  • January board meeting highlights

February 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: FCC National Broadband Map
  • Basic service charge and kWh rate adjustment 
  • Making reliability a priority 
  • December board meeting highlights 
  • Trustee nomination petition reminder | Communication intern wins college scholarship
  • Winter weather ready
  • Scholarships | Youth Tour

January 2023

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: 2022 A Year in Review
  • Co-op scholarships available 
  • Trustee nomination petitions available 
  • SmartHub Sign Up 
  • Youth Tour | 2023 rate adjustment 
  • Fall coloring contest winners
  • ACRE
  • November board meeting highlights 

December 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: It's Always December at the Co-op
  • Capital Credit Refunds | 2023 Scholarships
  • October board meeting highlights 
  • Upgrade and save with cooperative rebates
  • Member cookbook for sale
  • 2023 Youth Tour applications 
  • 2023 rate adjustment 
  • What's on an electric pole

November 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: NCE Building Renovations Update
  • North Central tours Cardinal Power Plant
  • NCE, CoBank grants $8,500 to Mohawk High School Performing Arts Center
  • Employee recognition luncheon 
  • September board meeting highlights 
  • Insulation and air-sealing rebates
  • NCE People Fund fills a need
  • Meter tampering is illegal and unsafe

October 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: The Electric Co-op History of Innovation 
  • NCE office closed for renovations | Don't forget to vote
  • Medical certification available | Local fall events
  • Celebrating membership 
  • Fall coloring contest 
  • August board meeting highlights 
  • Our Lady of Hope Octoberfest 

September 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Moving Forward with Co-op Annual Meetings 
  • June board meeting highlights 
  • July board meeting highlights 
  • Quilt of Valor Ceremony  
  • Cedar Point Member Appreciation Day Recap
  • Cover design contest 
  • Your Great Escape 
  • Winter time-of-day rate

August 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Co-op Owners for Political Action 
  • 86th Annual Meeting 
  • Creating entrepreneurial opportunities program 
  • Unclaimed Capital Credits 
  • Washington D.C. youth tour

July 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Urgent Solar Warning 
  • May board meeting highlights 
  • Power restoration: lessons learned from line crews
  • Maintenance: Who's responsible?

June 2022

  • 2021 Annual Report 
  • April 2022 board meeting highlights

May 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Transparency and Board Meeting Update 
  • Feb. board meeting highlights
  • March board meeting highlights
  • 2022 Board Elections 
  • Member Appreciation Day at Cedar Point 
  • Cooperative awards $10,500 in scholarships
  • Solar production in NCE territory 
  • Medical Certification 
  • Summer time-of-day rate

April 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: The Power Behind Your Power 
  • 2021 Annual Outage Report 
  • Member Appreciation Day at Cedar Point
  • NCE Trustee Run-off Election 

March 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Co-op Democracy is More than a Simple Vote
  • Member Appreciation Day at Cedar Point
  • Cooperation Across State Lines: NCE assists Virginia Co-op
  • NCE People Fund welcomes new board members 

February 2022

  • Key Co-op Topics with Ed: Facing Material Costs and Shortages Head On
  • How to Save with Co-op Connections 
  • Right-Of-Way Maintenance 
  • NCE, CoBank award $10,000 to Mohawk Schools 
  • Geared for Safety

January 2022

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: 2021: A year in review 
  • Trustee nomination petitions are available 
  • Basic service charge and kWh adjustment
  • Energy Advisor interview: Chris Bear
  • Lineman spotlight: Get to know your linemen
  • Co-op Owners for Political Action 

December 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: Future Focused 
  • People Fund 2021 recap
  • Understanding your bill and charges 
  • 2021 Capital credit refund
  • 2022 Scholarships

November 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: Supporting our community 
  • Scam alerts and approved payment options
  • Electric aggregation letter
  • Your trusted energy advisors 
  • Statement of non-discrimination 
  • Happy Thanksgiving 

October 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: It's a matter of North Central's principles 
  • Maintaining affordable electricity
  • Local fall events 
  • Between the Lines newsletter contest 

September 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: Stay "connected" with us!
  • Winter time-of-day schedule 
  • Member satisfaction 
  • The members' marketplace is moving! 

August 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: How does an EV hold up in rural America?
  • North Central 85th annual meeting 
  • Electric vehicle charging levels
  • Unclaimed capital credits 

July 2021

  • Key co-op topics with Ed: Balanced fuel mix
  • Cardinal Power Plant tour sign-up
  • Safety around electric lines

June 2021

  • ACRE
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Meeting reminder

May 2021

  • Key topics with Ed: Member Appreciation Day
  • Scholarships
  • Official Meeting notice, voting and summertime of day rate

April 2021

  • Key topics with Ed: Rural Broadband Update
  • Annual outage summary
  • Where does my power come from, Uncontested trustee race

March 2021

  • Key topics with Ed: Democratic Member Control
  • No posting zone
  • NCE People Fund

February 2021

  • Key topics with Ed: Committed to a co-op culture for all
  • Fall coloring contest winners
  • Be part of the cooperative difference

January 2021

  • 2020 accomplishments and a look to the future.
  • Trustee nomination petitions are available now!
  • Rate adjustments in effect on Jan. 1.

December 2020

  • Key topics with Ed: Supporting our youth
  • New Washington Little League receives $7.025 grant from NCE and CoBank
  • Dolly Parton's Imagination Library/Ohio Governor's Imagination Library now available in all of Seneca County

November 2020

  • Key topics with Ed: Giving back to our community 
  • Kansas Volunteer Fire Department receives grant for emergency equipment from People Fund
  • Unclaimed capital credits list

October 2020

  • Key topics with Ed: Live local. Work local. Embrace local.
  • NEW, Between The Lines
  • Fall coloring contest

September 2020

  • Key topics with Ed: Make your voice heard
  • Winter time-of-day begins on Sept.16
  • Who Powers You?

August 2020

  • Key topics with Ed: We hear you. Fiber broadband update
  • High attendance during pandemic for virtual annual meeting of members
  • SmartHub

July 2020

  • Key co-op topics with Ed
  • Have you used your Co-op Connections card lately?
  • Improve your home with a home energy loan from NCB

June 2020

  • Keys topics with Ed
  • North Central meeting to be held virtually
  • Clifford named Director of Communications
  • Offical notice of virtual meeting

May 2020

  • Key topics with Ed
  • Co-op awards $10,500 in scholarships
  • Summer time of day rate

April 2020

  • Key topics with Ed
  • North Central Electric trustee election uncontested
  • Heroes in hard hats

March 2020

  • Key topics with Ed
  • Join NCE at Cedar Point
  • Stay in the know

February 2020

  • Key co-op topics with Ed
  • Be part of the coooperative difference
  • NCE People Fund makes big impact in local communities

January 2020

  • Key co-op topics with Ed
  • Trustee nomination petitions available
  • Electric cooperatives part of the solution for rual broadband access in Ohio

December 2019

  • NCE named 5 -star Co-op for the 2019-2002 election cycle
  • Avoiding rate shock
  • As a member of your electric cooperative you get the credit

November 2019

  • The story of our new logo
  • NCE presents over $9,000 to New Washington schools
  • Save the date, third annual Salute to Our Veterans concert

 October 2019

  • Communications from the front line, Key topics with Ed
  • Touring the territory
  • Cooperative teams up with Pcs for People to host one-day recycling drop-off for electronics

September 2019

  • NCE represented at EPA roundtable introducing Affordable Clean Energy rule
  • People Fund grants life jackets for Seneca County Park District
  • Communications from the front line

August 2019

  • Celebrating 83 years
  • 83rd Annual Meeting and Family Fun Day
  • Youth ambassador tours Washington, D.C.

July 2019

  • Greetings from Ed
  • Ellen Lynch of Seneca East awarded Outstanding Teacher
  • Taking the cooperative message to the hill

June 2019 

  • Join the cooperative for family fun
  • Cooperative youth head to D.C.
  • Save the date
  • Grasz joins the NCE team

May 2019

  • Construction and maintenance
  • Meet the scholarship winners
  • Proposed Code of Regulations amendment will separate crentials and elections comitte
  • Do you know someone on the list?

April 2019

  • Trustees run unopposed for 2019 board seats
  • The commitment of an electric lineworker
  • Baking up a sweet twist for the 83rd NCE annual meeting

March 2019

  • Looking back at 2018
  • A Royal pair
  • NCE employees make commitment to zero contacts

February 2019

  • NCE refunds over $13,00 o local school districts
  • Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1

January 2019

  • Co-op celebrates the construction of the Adrian Substation
  • How to become a trustee
  • People Fund detects a need

December 2018

  • Cooperative name new general manager
  • Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1
  • NCE reaches a milestone in refunds
  • Responding to the call cooperative provides mutual aid in the south
  • Upper Sandusky holiday lights

November 2018

  • North Central Electric and Fostoria to clear final industrial park parcel
  • Local Be E3 Smart 7th graders tour Cardinal Power Plant
  • Second annual Salute to Our Veterans

October 2018

  • The results are in, North Central scored favorably by members 
  • The Seven Cooperative Principles
  • Chatfield Hardware under new ownership

September 2018

  • Board officers re-elected
  • Have you checked the list lately?
  • How to use your safety LED ice scraper

August 2018

  • President of Buckeye Power, OREC enlightens co-op members 
  • Celebrating 82 years
  • Wind turbine debate spills over to annual meeting
  • Chatfield Hardware closes after 115 years

July 2018

  • No. 12 Co-op builds new substation
  • North Central celebrates Energy Day at Seneca East
  • People Fund supports Caring Hands

June 2018

  • National search for president to start
  • You still  have time to cast your cooperative vote
  • Join the cooperative for family fun

May 2018

  • 2018 Trustee election begins May 8
  • The power of change
  • Scholarship winners

April 2018

  • Members to decide two trustee races
  • Appreciating the front line
  • Project Ohio

March 2018

  • The power of maintenance 
  • Penny Power
  • People Fund helps cook up enthusiasm

February 2018

  • Fostoria spec building sold
  • Dispelling time-of-day rate misconceptions 
  • Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1

January 2018

  • Wyandot County sophomores tour local manufacturers
  • Mohawk sees the light
  • Trustee nominating petitions available Jan. 8 

December 2017

  • Rate adjustment effective Jan. 1
  • Capital credits refund on Dec. bill
  • Children of Members/ Touchstone Scholarship

November 2017

  • Hurricane Irma no match for the cooperative spirit
  • Wrestling with grid reliability
  • Where does my my electricity come from

October 2017

  • The Co-op Connections card puts value in your pocket
  • Our  history, our  future

September 2017

  • community solar produces results
  • Electric co-ops engage with new administration

August 2017​

  • Community Solar shines bright
  • 81st North Central Electric Annual Meeting draws about 1,500 members and guests
  • North Central to host power plant tour Sept. 14

July 2017

  • Legislative rally
  • North Central makes the honor roll
  • Annual Be E3 smart logo contest

June 2017

  • Co-op to introduce OurSolar June 13
  • North Central Board of Trustees election
  • 81st Annual Meeting & Family Fun Day

May 2017

  • Co-op completes community solar project
  • Meet the scholarship winners
  • Willard, Columbian students to represent cooperative on Youth Tour

April 2017

  • Trustee race will be uncontested
  • Capital Credits code amendments proposed
  • Cooperative Celebrates Lineman Appreciation Day

March 2017

  • The power of maintenance
  • Meet the People Fund Borad
  • Umbarger Show Feed formulated for success

February 2017

  • People Fund grants $3,200 for 3D printer
  • Youth Tour: A life changing experience
  • Former board member Eldon young passes
  • People Fund trustee appointed

January 2017

  • North Central to add solar energy to its power mix
  • Trustee nominating petitions available Jan.  9
  • Interested in a life-changing leadership experience in Washington, D.C.?
  • Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1

December 2016​

  • Rate adjustments effective Jan. 1
  • Capital credits refunds on December bill
  • HUG card: The perfect gift
  • Mother-daughter business partners

November 2016

  • Local youth wins Gator at Farm Science Review
  • Become a Co-op Voter
  • Certification of active-duty deployment
  • Do you know someone on this list?

October 2016

  • Co-op partners with Fostoria on spec building
  • Member satisfaction scores continue to improve
  • People Fund steps in to assist local fire departments
  • First notice of patronage capital refund checks

September 2016

  • New Cooperative board officers elected
  • Taking aim at the Clean Power Plan
  • Community honoring all patriots on 9/11
  • Bright new faces help members save energy

August 2016

  • Co-op president fights against vote apathy
  • Eileen Gabel, retired North Central trustee, passes away
  • Capital Credits estate refund option similar to lump sum payout from lottery

July 2016

  • Trustee helps take co-op message to Capitol Hill
  • Historical Society advances in technology
  • Your electric bill gets a make-over 
  • Be E3 Smart program wins statewide awards

June 2016

  • Co-op to celebrate 80 years at annual meeting 
  • 2016 North Central Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees election
  • Businesses on display at annual meeting
  • Eileen Gabel, first female trustee to retire 

May 2016

  • Construction and maintenance projects ensure system reliability
  • The Power League
  • 2015 Scholarship winners
  • Family Fun Day and Annual Meeting scheduled for June 14

Links are unavailable from April 2016 to 2012

April 2016

  • National Lineman Appreciation Day April 11
  • Trustee candidates to run unopposed
  • U.S. Supreme Court grants stay to Clean Power Plan

March 2016

  • Demonstrating safety all year around
  • Cooperative seeks adopt a troop
  • People Fund rounds up new members

February 2016

  • Water heater installation, service to end April 1
  • 2016 Youth Tour
  • Employees and Trustees honored
  • Smart Appliances

January 2016

  • Clean power plant: huge cost, little impact
  • Jordan urges members to keep fighting
  • District 6 trustee Eileen Gabel will not seek re-election
  • Spreading good cheer and happiness

December 2015

  • Rate adjustment effective Jan. 1
  • Capital credits refunds on December bill
  • People Fund surpasses 500 grant milestone
  • Christmas at Perfection expanding for holiday season

November 2015

  • Member satisfaction scores improve
  • North Central tours Cardinal Generating Station
  • B&W Easy Pull Hidden hobby in backwoods of Attica

October 2015

  • North Central approves $15 million workplan
  • Patronage capital refund list

September 2015

  • North Central line crews assist Kentucky cooperative
  • Ice cream churns into careers for the Raders
  • ​Patronage capital refund list

August 2015

  • Members lauded for fighting EPA regulations
  • Trustees elected in three districts
  • People Fund makes a difference
  • Tour Cardinal Generating Station Sept. 30

July 2015

  • Trustee helps take co-op message to Capitol Hill
  • People Fund grants ‘seed money’ to Carey Link
  • People Fund grants aid 3 fire departments
  • Co-op mourns leader’s passing

June 2015

  • Back by popular demand!
  • 2015 North Central Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees election
  • 79th Annual Meeting & Family Day
  • No job too big or too small, Waldock’s does it all

May 2015

  • Maintenance never stops at North Central
  • Scholarship winners 2015
  • 79th Annual Meeting & Family Day, official notice
  • New Washington: Co-op’s little manufacturing hub
  • Three to represent co-op on Youth Tour

April 2015

  • National Lineman Appreciation Day April 13
  • Trustee candidates to run unopposed
  • Timing is everything, Cost, condition, reliability, system growth key
    factors in determining when to replace lines
  • Seneca East band to sport new uniforms in fall thanks to People Fund grant

March 2015

  • Aging gracefully; Study shows power lines still have plenty of life even at 30-40 years old
  • Spring clinging delivers safe, reliable power
  • People Fund board elects new officers

February 2015

  • The maintenance map
  • North Central employees and trustees honored at annual recognition dinner
  • Four new members appointed to People Fund board

January 2015

  • Trustee petitions available Jan. 12
  • Rade adjustment effect Jan. 1
  • North Central submitted 2,494 letters to EPA

December 2014

  • Rate adjustment effective Jan. 1
  • Co-op refunds $689,373 in capital credits
  • Germany's expensive energy policies pose warning

November 2014

  • Co-op halts large-capacity water heater sales
  • North Central donates $10,000 to Attica Fair
  • Help stop the EPA from shuttering power plants

October 2014

  • Members give co-op strong marks on survey
  • Family Learning Center receives grant to upgrade walking and biking trail
  • A matter of principles: October is National Co-op Month

September 2014

  • Outdoor Learning Center brings students to nature at Buckeye Central Local Schools
  • Electricity is a great value
  • Board of trustees officers elected at July meeting

August 2014

  • General manager takes aim at EPA regulations
  • Family Fun Day and annual meeting draws record attendance
  • Steve Seitz appointed to fill District 2 seat following Willson's retirement

July 2014

  • People Fund grant helps family into new home following house fire
  • Capital credits listing
  • Energy efficiency tip of the month

June 2014

  • Over-regulation leads to higher electric bills
  • Candidate bios
  • Businesses on display at annual meeting

May 2014

  • Cranberry Hills Golf Course celebrates 40 years in New Washington
  • Cooperative's construction, maintenance projects underway in 2014
  • Family Fun Day & Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 10

April 2014

  • A day in the life of a lineman
  • Cooperative trustees race will be uncontested
  • Scholarship winners 2014

March 2014

  • Protect affordable, reliable electricity
  • Spring cleaning delivers safe, reliable power
  • Resumes accepted for Wyandot County seat; Don Willson to retire from co-op board of trustees in June

February 2014

  • North Central employees and trustees honored at annual recognition dinner
  • Interested in becoming a trustee? Nominating petitions due Feb. 10
  • Board of Trustees appoints two new members to North Central People Fund board

January 2014

  • Trustee petitions available Jan. 13; Two incumbents to leave board this year
  • People Fund brings iPads to classrooms
  • Protecting affordable, reliable electricity; New resolve for the New Year

December 2013

  • Been there, done that; Stringent EPA regulations for coal plants will test North Central's ability to provide affordable, reliable power, general manager says
  • Phase 2 of Time of Day rate schedule begins Jan. 1
  • EPA coal regulations limit's Ohio's competitiveness, Latta says

November 2013

  • Time for a call to action! Protect affordable, reliable electricity
  • Cooperative members and employees visit new and improved Cardinal Generating Station
  • Electricity may cost more, but remains a good value

October 2013

  • North Central earns safety achievement for ninth consecutive time
  • Member satisfaction level reaches all-time high
  • New energy efficiency programs introduced for home and business owners

September 2013

  • Stong storms, high winds strike North Central' Worst outage since 2005 cuts power to 4,000 members
  • GM Bryant pledges to fight Obama's 'War on Coal'
  • Board of trustees officers elected at July meeting

August 2013

  • Annual meeting report
  • North Central Youth Tour recipients visit Washington, D.C., and area sites
  • Telemarketers calling co-op members to offer discounted rates breaks the rules

July 2013

  • Seneca County 4-H and Community Hospice Care receive People Fund grants for new programs
  • Patronage capital credits refund listing
  • Visit the Crawford County Fair

June 2013

  • North Central Electric Cooperative annual meeting June 11
  • Cool roof creates cool house
  • Help North Central battle copper crime

May 2013

  • Cooperative's construction maintenance projects underway in 2013
  • Outage numbers lowest in past 10 years
  • Bryant testifies before Department of Energy in opposition to proposed water heater regulations

April 2013

  • Incumbent trustees file nominating petitions, will be formally re-elected at annual meeting
  • Seneca County Help Me Grow receives People Fund grant for educational enhancers
  • Scholarship winners 2013

March 2013

  • Miller Fabrics opens doors in New Washington with quilting supplies at wholesale prices
  • Ways to pay your bill
  • People Fund board elects officers

February 2013

  • North Central employees and trustees honored
  • High utility bills may be 'your own cotton-pickin' fault'
  • Powering Up! here's what's going on if you find yourself in the dark

January 2013

  • Trustee petitions available Jan. 14 for North Central Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees
  • Rate adjustment effective Jan. 1
  • Cooperative members give back through North Central's Operation RoundUp program

December 2012

  • Cooperative ups service fee $2 - Planned rate adjustment effective in January
  • Capital credit refunds issued for 33rd consecutive year
  • The magical value of heat pump systems - Air-Source

November 2012

  • Jordan believes sound energy policy equals strong economy
  • The magical value of heat pump systems - Geothermal
  • Co-op board of trustees, employees and special guests visit Cardinal Generating Station

October 2012

  • Why we celebrate you in October
  • Rate-savings for IOU neighbors may be short-term
  • People Fund grant issued to local fire departments in New Washington and Chatfield

September 2012

  • Frankart replaces Reichert as board president, Snavely named treasurer at July board meeting
  • We will have heroes: They are called 'lineman'
  • Winter Time of Day rate starts Sept. 16

August 2012

  • Ahern briefs members on Buckeye Power's $1.2 billion environmental upgrades and long-term plans
  • Strong storms leave 1,800 members without power
  • Proposed regulations and power costs take center stage at annual meeting

July 2012

  • Buckeye Central 7th and 8th graders are 'Be E3 Smart'
  • St. Bernard School receives People Fund grant
  • Cooperative officials visit Nation's Capital

June 2012

  • Annual meeting to be held June 12
  • Members asked to allow mail/online voting
  • Board of trustee candidate bios
  • Proposed Code of Regulations amendments

May 2012

  • Construction, maintenance projects underway at cooperative
  • Code of Regulations amendments proposed
  • Trustee slate set for 2012 annual meeting

April 2012

  • Added benefits, more savings with Cooperative Healthy Savings program
  • Sharing services helps cooperative control costs
  • New Riegel Fire Department receives grant for laptop

March 2012

  • Member satisfaction levels affected by rising costs
  • Weaver's Maple Syrup
  • Meeting future power needs

February 2012

  • Cooperatives are the fabric of your community
  • Steve Frankart retires as operations manager
  • A strategic review - your bill

January 2012

  • Code amendments save $5,800, recoup $32,000
  • Processor scans 25,700 monthly bills for co-ops
  • Nominating committee seeks candidates