Membership Fees

A $10 membership fee for service connection is required for all members choosing to join North Central Electric Cooperative. The $10 membership fee is refunded when the member moves off the North Central Electric system.


Members may pay a $240 deposit* to receive electric service from the cooperative. 

*The deposit will be held by the cooperative for a period of two (2) years. After the two-year period, the entire deposit, plus 3 percent annual interest, will be refunded to the member, provided the member has maintained a good credit rating with the cooperative. A good credit rating shall mean that the member has not been delinquent in paying his/her bill more than once in the most recent 12-month period.

Meter Fees & Charges

A $45 "Trip Charge" will be assessed to the member for the following:

  • Collection and/or disconnect trip
  • Delinquent service reconnect during regular business hours
  • Reconnect or disconnect of service for a member with multiple accounts at one location (trip charge plus $12 for each additional meter)
  • Delivery of returned mail
  • A $100 "Overtime Charge" will be assessed to the member for service reconnection after regular work hours. Calls received between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. (normal weekdays)
  • No reconnections on weekends or holidays

A $250 charge will be assessed to members for service calls completed that are un-related to the Cooperative’s equipment but rather the members.  Members are encouraged to review the “First Steps to Take When the Lights Go Out” before calling for service issues.

Meter Test (at members request)

The member is required to pay a $45 test fee before the test is done. If the meter is in error more than 2 percent, the meter test fee will be refunded. The meter test fee is waived if the meter had not been tested within the previous 10 years.

Bad Check

  • Service fee, $20 plus bank charges
  • Trip charge, $45

Unauthorized Electric Use

  • Estimated electric use plus damages and administrative costs
  • Minimum charge, $400

Security Light Installation Charge

  • No installation charge for installing light on existing cooperative pole.
  • Deliver and set for each additional pole required, $150
  • If an additional pole is required, its location must be in a serviceable area (i.e. within 20 feet of a driveway).
  • No light will be installed on a member's pole for liability and safety reasons.
  • The installation of security light equipment, other than the LED style security light, normally provided by the cooperative, is subject to possible added installation charges to accommodate the difference in equipment and material cost.
  • Rental charge, $8 per month.
  • Security Light Application

County Permits

  • The actual cost of the permit is assessed to the member.