2022 Trustee Run-off Voting

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Voting is now live for the 2022 Board of Trustees District 7 Run-off election!

District 7 NCE members are eligible to cast a ballot in this election. Demonstrate your democratic member control in your cooperative and vote!

To vote online, please visit https://northcentralrunoff.coopballot.com. Paper ballots will also be arriving soon for all members who wish to vote by mail. Results of the election will be posted in the May issue of the Ohio Cooperative Living magazine.

Voting ends at 4:30 pm, on Friday, March 18, 2022.  


District 7
(Andrew Brose & Melissa "Lisa" Guzman & Kevin Kreais)

Click here to read the bio sheet for the candidates running for the District 7 seat. 

View Andrew's candidate video at https://youtu.be/NjjSIHNTwRo

View Lisa's candidate video at https://youtu.be/dBGAhow-eLI

View Kevin's candidate video at https://youtu.be/tfFTttCpB_Q